Alcove Cupboards – Battersea

Alcove Cupboards – Battersea

This started out as a brief to recycle some scraps of oak worktop, we could not be more excited about the finished project. These shelves required no shaping and fitting on site. They arrived fully finished and were installed in under four hours!

All fittings are concealed and can fit any wall (including ones finished with hand-printed wallpaper!)

Thanks to the very talented interior design Claire Plastow who pushed us for something a bit special on this project, we can’t wait to install more of these!

Alcove cupboards Battersea- Alcoves cupboards and shelves are a creative way to use the space either side of a chimney breast. They provide storage and a platform for display.

Alcove cupboards Battersea – We believe our Alcove cupboards are superior because we are passionate about proportions; For example, we take care to preserve the lines of your building, it is a common carpenters trick to wrap the cupboard ends around the chimney breast. This makes the cupboards look heavy and breaks up the lines of the chimney breast. We do what looks good, not what is easy to make. If you specify “panel door” we will design the frame proportions so they visually “lift” and “lighten” the piece. We are designers not just your local chippy. A sense of proportion in design is something you are born with, we are passionate about this aspect of our work. Look at our portfolio, every piece sits well in its space, this isn’t luck, this isn’t clever photography (most of our photos are rubbish!), this is talent, this is instinct, this is “detail” as the starting point not an add-on.

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  • Type: Alcove shelves
  • Cost: £2000
  • Location: Battersea


  • Date : 29.10.2018