Alcove Shelves Eastfield

Alcove Shelves Eastfield

Jeremy and Caroline had seen our work for Kara online and wanted something similar. Alcove Shelves Eastfield

The piece has an interesting position in the house, a transitional space between the side return kitchen diner and the living room. To draw the eye from space to space we emphasised the horizontals and allows the vertical members to morph into smaller randomly placed boxes.

This was Jeremy and Caroline’s reaction when the piece was completed….

“Jon, the unit looks amazing!! We absolutely love it!! Beautifully finished, totally unique and we are really, really happy with it! Just been sat looking at it for about 30 mins! You’ve been fantastic to deal with from start to finish and we wouldn’t hesitate to actively recommend you to others. Speak soon and thanks again for an excellent job, Jeremy & Caroline”

You can read more about our designer Jon Wild here Jon’s work has always been influenced by the British sculptor Kenneth Martin (1905 – 1984). This is most evident in his contemporary designs, Jon avoids symmetry but finds other ways to create balance, playfulness and movenenstin the designs he creates.

Why use Exploit Space for your Alcove cupboards…

We are passionate about proportion, we build a complete 3D model of your space and will only propose designs which we feel sit well in the room. Your local carpenter will never be able to provide this level of service. A sense of proportion is something you are born with, just look at our portfolio, every piece sits well in its space, this isn’t luck, this isn’t clever photography. This is talent, this is instinct, this is a lifetime of studying art and design

  • Type: Alcove Shelves Eastfield
  • Cost: £3000
  • Location: Eastfield