Home office designer transforms spare room

Home office designer transforms spare room

Home office designer transforms spare room. We really stretched ourselves to come up with this clean but decidedly modern scheme for a home office and overflow wardrobe.

Dom and Sally were very hands-on with the design, we were also well supported by the technical team at Blum UK. Setting the doors deep into the carcasses required special Blum hinges.

From an aesthetic point of view, the result is a frame that looks and feels like light but maximizes the impact of the two colour paint scheme. All draws and doors use Blum touch to open catches with an extended throw

Client feedback posted on “Rated People”…

Very professional team. Great attention to detail, keen to make your ideas work. Cost a bit more than other quotes but was well worth it for the quality. Can’t recommend highly enough for the more complex projects.“ –Sally Sullivan, SW4

You can view all our home office designs here. We specialise in designing furniture for small domestic spaces (this isn’t a system or a product we are real designers, we have real expertise in this field and we really can provide a complete end to end service. More and more people are discovering the joy of working from home, if you are a recent convert maybe now is the time invest in a properly designed work space? It could be the best ever investment you make in yourself and your career – maximise yourself.

By working with Exploit Space Home office designer you will get the best value from your home office space. We will build an accurate 3D model of your space and show you a variety of designs, this will allow you to developed your thoughts on how the space might work, this takes the guesswork and risk out of this important investment. We will be able to feed into this conversation our fifteen years of bespoke furniture design experience. Through an iterative process we will guide you towards a design that best suits your work, your personal style and your budget.

We design shelves, cupboards, wardrobes, domestic storage in all it’s forms to helping you make the most of your home, If a fully home office design project isn’t right for you we’ll give you the same attention to details and design insights using our modular offering, Learn more about The Elfa system here https://www.designandinstall.co.uk/

  • Type: Home office and overflow wardrobe
  • Cost: £6500
  • Location: Clapham