400 year old MDF bookcase :-)

400 year old MDF bookcase :-)

This oak bookcase to look many hundreds of years older than it is the base material is pre-veneered mdf. We studied photos of old libraries, gathering ideas for shape, structures and proportions. Through this research we gained good sense of how an oak bookcase might change and discolour over time. We used layers of different stains to recreate the effects of time, use and sunlight.  When the oak bookcase components were  complete the unit was assemble on site.

Here are some of our reference images for this project..


The finishing process was written specifically for this projects by Mark Finney… https://www.finneyswoodfinishes.co.uk/ 

Why use Exploit Space…

We are passionate about proportion, we build a complete 3D model of your space and will only propose designs which we feel sit well in the room. Your local carpenter will never be able to provide this level of service. A sense of proportion is something you are born with, just look at our portfolio, every piece sits well in its space, this isn’t luck, this isn’t clever photography. This is talent, this is instinct, this is a lifetime of studying art and design.

Here are some of our other bookcase project in which we have attempted to follow a period style…




Our head designer studied the history of art and design at Birmingham College of Art and Design. Jon is passionate about using the correct profiles and motifs for every period of design when required to do so. You won’t find faux victoriana and random decorative nonsense on our projects.


Type : Bookcase

Cost : £8,000

Location : Dunstable