AV Unit Chelsea – Display family photos, objet d’art, and books
Type of Object – AV Unit Chelsea
Price – £6500

This unit was designed for a snug little room in Chelsea. It is hand finished in Farrow and Ball Wimborne White
This AV unit Chelsea is used to display family photos, objet d’art, and small number of books. The dwarf cupboards conceal a subwoofer for the AV system.
The design is based on something we made a few years ago (we were recommended by the owners of the original piece). All of our pieces are designed as parametric CAD models. This enables us to fine tune the proportions of each piece (so it sits beautifully in its space). We had to work particularly hard at the proportions of this piece. The room is very small and the piece could have easily looked heavy and imposing. We kept tweaking the relative proportions of the base and the shelf units until we felt we had created something which looked light and feminine. Once the client had approved the final 3D concept model we went through our normal process of re-drawing the concept as a collection of components for manufacture.

You can watch this unit being assembled and hand finished HERE

We are passionate about proportion, you will note, for example, that the doors on this unit are not all the same pattern and on each door the top rail is slimmer that the bottom rail, this visually “lifts” the piece and stops it look slumped and heavy. When we are designing something we make all the elements adjustable. When we have completed the 3D model we can view if from all angles in an exact representation of its space: we can see what works and what doesn’t.
On this project we kept tweaking the widths of doors, the heights and widths of the elements of each doors, the height and distribution of the shelves. Even the decorative profiles we use are not off-the-shelf. Every element is working hard to contribute to a calming, beautifully proportioned piece.
This not a skill many people have and not many people employee the tools and methodologies we do to strive for beauty. The vast majority of competitor work we see on the web makes us feel physically sick, it is unsettling, ill proportioned and ugly. Door panels that make doors look fat, door knobs mindless plonked in the middle of doors or in the top corned…

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” William Morris
“If you don’t want to live with “ugly” employ a designer not a chippy” Jon Wild 😉