This has to be the most Exploit Space project that Exploit Space has ever done. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to do when I set the company up. This is a 100% functional there is no wasted space, the design enhances Caroline’s flat both in appearance and function.
I’ve worked with lots of women and had many conversions about make-up routines and hair. A dressing table is a very old fashioned, outdated piece of furniture, modern life doesn’t allow for the huge and dedicated footprint of a dressing table BUT like many classic pieces of furniture it has functionality at its core. A standing vanity area should provide all the functionality of a dressing table i.e. everything at your fingertips but take up a fraction of the space.
Central London flat, five minutes to leave the house, hair right, make-up right , go get ’em girl!

(am I the only person who has “Nine to five” playing in their head right now?)

Thanks to Glamcor for their technical support Regarding the AWESOME “Paris” make up lights (dimmable, daylight balanced, no shadows)