Domestic Storage Hackney – Book shelves, radiator housing and AV wall

Type of Object – Domestic Storage Hackney
Price – £3000

This Domestic Storage Hackney was completed about five years ago, the photos don’t really do it justice. Below the TV there is radiator, the panels covering the radiator are insulated and silvered and the gap between the TV and radiator is curved to pump the warmed air into the room and away from the TV.
Other storage in the flat is all very simple boxes screwed to the wall. Better examples of this simple look can be seen here…

Rachel: Bookshelves

And here…

Claire and Neil: Alcoves

All our projects are designed on 3D CAD, this means you get to see and make changes to the design before it is approved for production. The design you sign off is the same files we use to programme the CNC cutting machine which cuts the components. There is no interpretations, and no scope for human error, what you sign off is what we deliver.

We generally produce concept work without obligation and by working closely with our clients we move in iterations towards a final concept and a fixed price. Once we have reached that point we take for a 1/3rd of the total cost to cover for the concept work. We then produce detailed workshop drawings. When these are signed off by the clients we take a second one second 1/3rd payment to cover this effort. When the work is cut and installed and fully finished we take the final 1/3rd payment to cover materials and labour.