Elfa wardrobe Tooting –large, walk-in wardrobe in Tooting with shoes racks, long and short hanging , and shelves

Type of Object – Elfa wardrobe Tooting
Price – £4250

Our client Katie was familiar with Elfa and knew it was right for her large open plan walk-in wardrobe. This is the first time we’ve created a “dressing table” using Elfa components. Three walls of this room are populated with Elfa equipment including shoes racks, long and short hanging , and shelves

Jo is from the Canada, at the time of writing (2016) 90% of out Elfa customers are from the UK or mainland Northern Europe. Elfa is probably the most under exposed and under rated brand I the UK. It is hugely popular in Nordic regions, Australia, and in the US where it is sold by its parent company “Containers Store”
Assembly is as close as you can get to DIY but it does require little but more expertise when fitting to smaller spaces or on to wobbles old walls which may explain why it’s not so well known in London.

Exploit Space, operating under its www.organisespace.co.uk brand are the only people I the UK offering a full end to end design and install service, we love this product, it’s a 60 year old design classic which is more relevant today than it has ever been. We use all our 3D CAD knowledge to create designs and proposals for this great product. This allows us to show you and EXACT representation of our Elfa proposals in an EXACT 3D model or your space

An Elfa wardrobe interior can start from as little as £300. We have been making bespoke wardrobes for over ten years and we can confirm that an Elfa assembly will offer significantly better value for money in most situations. We have developed our own methods or combining bespoke wardrobe fronts and elfa interiors. This gives the very best combinations of style and value.
Our typical Elfa projects are around £2000 and they really go above £3000

Elfa wardrobe Tooting –large, walk-in wardrobe in Tooting